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For Immediate Release 

Headline: Zaxis-Studios Signs New Contract.

Summary: Farr West Engineering has been operating in the Reno area for over 7 years without a web presence.  For the first time they will be investing resources into an online presence that will forge a new era for their company.

For Immediate Release

Zaxis-Studios anounces production of zsCore their Content Resource Manager program.

zsCore Demo PiczsCore is a new Content Resource Manager (CRM) that allows their customers to keep their own website up to date and in touch with the internet world.

Reno, Nevada. 6/12/2009

Part of the concept behind creating zsCore is our redisgn of the Zaxis-Studios website.  With a new design comes new ideas and we want something that will not only help our site stand out but also our customers web sites.  We are working not only with PHP to make the core design but also implamenting our custom AJAX library to help make our site more interactive. First release of zsCore will include:


  • SEO design princapals
  • Fast Template Switching
  • Conversion Testing
  • Document Manipulation
  • Basic Image Manipulation
  • Page Caching
  • Multi-Platform Compatability
Zaxis-Studios is a small firm that has been developing web sites and graphics since 1996.