If you've been a web developer for a while you might now the term SEO which in English means Search Engine Optimized. This has been a buzz word for a few years now and every one wants their site to get better search results.

As a dynamic web developer this can be a difficult part of your design.  Usually we have one file on our web server that processes your request.  The problem here is a lot of search engines see URI variables going to the same file so only crawl the one page.  That kind of sucks since our database contains all our web pages how do we make them crawl everything?  That's where the SEO started gaining buzz around the Internet was how we can process URI variables in a different way and mask our content as multiple pages.  There are many different ways of doing this and that is beyond the topic of this paper but just think of it as a way of tricking search engines into crawling your whole site.

Now you have this site that is getting crawled and the links are really meaningless.  Yes even here we had that really crazy URI going where it told the server something different than what was being seen.  Now this made it searchable but not really user friendly or Human Engine Optimized.  This is where we have upgraded our system and tried some new techniques at making the site more rememberable.

This is also the direction more and more CRM are going so if your writting your own CRM remember to keep this in mind.  A URI like:


Is going to be less readable than something like:


now we have something that in the URI will make a lot more sense to read.  If your running a CRM software check with them about this feature or maybe its already there and you just need to turn it on.  With any luck you'll make your site remarkable place to visit.